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Control Microsoft 365 Group Creation

Controlling who can and can’t create Microsoft 365 groups can be a very powerful tool. In this post, I will detail step-by-step how to prevent users from creating Microsoft 365 groups unless they are members of a specific security group. Prerequisites The Process The beginning of the script should look something like this.

ONIE Partition Exists Fix

I recently ran into an issue where I had uninstalled Onyx on my switch and I was trying to reinstall it but couldn’t because I was getting an error. Below is an example of the error. partition exists – please uninstall firstEXT4-fs (sda3): couldn’t mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilitiescp: write error: No space…

Upgrade Palo Alto HA Pair (Active/Passive) with CLI

I’m a big fan of CLI, I love to use it when I can, it always feels more complete and absolute. A while back I posted how to Upgrade Palo Alto Firewall HA Pair (Active/Passive) in that post I only covered the GUI method this post will detail how to complete everything with CLI only.…