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GPO Export and Import

You’ve spent many hours perfecting your GPO (Group Policy Object) and you have it perfect and you want to import it to another location and well you could look at manually comparing all the settings but no one has time for that. There’s an easier way.

  • Open up Group Policy Management on the server that has the GPO you want to export
  • Right click on your GPO and select Back Up
  • Give it a location to put the backup

Convert a system with VMware Converter

There are a few ways to convert a system either P2V (Physical to Virtual) or V2V (Hyper V to VMware). This will show you how to convert a system using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client.

Before you start you should check a few things to make the whole process streamlined.

  1. Check that the system is fully up to date (you might get stuck in an update trap if you don’t)
  2. Check that you have remote access to the system (so that if needed you can at least get back into the system easily)
  3. Make a note of the IP configurations (you will likely need to re add them)
  4. If the system a domain member make sure that you know the local admin username and password (this is so that if it fails to talk to the domain you at least have a way back into the system)
  • Install VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client on the system you will be converting.
  • Run VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client as Admin
  • Click on Convert machine

Install VCSA Updates

Here is how to update VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance specifically version 7) with the web UI

  • Make sure you have a backup of your VCSA. I like to have a backup and a snapshot to be extra safe.
  • Click on you VCSA server
  • Click on the Update tab
  • In Update Planner select the update you want to install and click on Generate Report and select Interoperability. (this will check and make sure everything is compatible in your VCSA setup)