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Install VCSA Updates

Here is how to update VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance specifically version 7) with the web UI

  • Make sure you have a backup of your VCSA. I like to have a backup and a snapshot to be extra safe.
  • Click on you VCSA server
  • Click on the Update tab
  • In Update Planner select the update you want to install and click on Generate Report and select Interoperability. (this will check and make sure everything is compatible in your VCSA setup)

Windows Updates PowerShell Script

There have been a lot of critical exploits over the last few months. Really the best way to deal with that is Windows Updates. Now I can hear you complaining that Windows Updates left untamed will just reboot your servers randomly or I don’t want to build WSUS or my RMM doesn’t patch well and it sucks and <insert your excuse here>.

Well I’ve created a PowerShell script that I called DK Win Updates that will help solve the issue. It uses the Windows Update Agent API to search for updates and guess what you can run this as .ps1 file, you could build a scheduled task to run it, you can toss it in your RMM and run it as a script. (if your RMM can’t do that, you should find a new RMM).