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Windows Updates PowerShell Script

There have been a lot of critical exploits over the last few months. Really the best way to deal with that is Windows Updates. Now I can hear you complaining that Windows Updates left untamed will just reboot your servers randomly or I don’t want to build WSUS or my RMM doesn’t patch well and it sucks and <insert your excuse here>.

Well I’ve created a PowerShell script that I called DK Win Updates that will help solve the issue. It uses the Windows Update Agent API to search for updates and guess what you can run this as .ps1 file, you could build a scheduled task to run it, you can toss it in your RMM and run it as a script. (if your RMM can’t do that, you should find a new RMM).

Disable Auto Windows Updates

Auto Windows updates are annoying especially when left untamed as it will automatically reboot the device be it a workstation or a server. I’ve written a script that can mass disable Windows updates across all devices even if they aren’t domain joined.

Technically you could go in and disabled the Windows Update service but that stops all Windows updates. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Another way would be to bring up Group Policy Editor and go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Updates > Configure Automatic Updates and set that to be disabled.

However that option will work for domain joined devices but what about the non domain joined devices. It doesn’t make much sense to go to each device and manually edit the setting via the Local Group Policy Editor. To solve this issue I’ve written a script that could be ran across all devices including domain joined device and would leave other Windows updates settings in place.