Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

She lays in bed sleepless at night. She tries to sleep but it always seems to fail. Sleeping pills don’t work for her anymore. Tonight is one of the worst nights so far. She lays there on her queen sized bed and tosses and turns in hopes of a chance to fall asleep. It’s no use; no mater what she does she just can’t sleep. Her head is throbbing as if there was a stock market exchange going on in her head. She yells out “Shut the hell up” all she hears is voices; she is alone in her room she doesn’t question if she is going insane she already thinks that she’s crazy. So the voices come as no surprise to her. She tries bashing her head against the wall to silence the voices but it’s no use they just keep getting louder. Another sleepless night passes and now she has to go to work.

When she gets home from work she tries to sleep; but it’s no use the voices came back. With no foreseeable solution she reaches in her closet for a shoe box that is on the top shelf. She can just barely reach it. Once she gets it down she opens it. Inside is the gun her ex boyfriend made her buy for safety reasons. She says “well I guess this is my last resort.” She places the gun in her mouth. The gun is cold as ice when it touches her lips she shivers. She places her finger on the trigger and closes her eyes. Even though her eyes are closed she can still picture what it she looking like in a mirror. Just then the voices stop. She drops the gun and lets out a sigh of relief.

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