I’m Going to VMware Explore

I’m Going to VMware Explore
I’m Going to VMware Explore

I am very excited about VMware Explore this year, as it will be my first time at VMware Explore and the first large tech conference I’ve attended in person.

VMware Explore is a conference about VMware products that VMware (technically Broadcom now) organizes. It used to be known as VMworld, but in 2022, it was renamed VMware Explore. VMware Explore usually takes place in Las Vegas and Barcelona.

The VMware Explore event that I am attending takes place from August 26th to August 29th in Las Vegas. What’s really cool about VMware Explore is that it covers a wide range of topics, from entry-level to very technical. One of the items at VMware Explore that I’m excited about is the hands-on labs, which will allow me to play with some of the VMware products I’ve only read about.

I’m eager to learn more about VMware Cloud Foundation, Tanzu Kubernetes, NSX, and so much more. I’m also very excited to network with other like-minded people and nerd out about all the technical things. I will also be able to meet other vExperts with whom I’ve only spoken with online.

There are over 400 sessions at VMware Explore, and here are a few of the sessions I plan on attending.

After VMware Explore, I will post a follow-up blog post about my experience at VMware Explore this year.

If you want to learn more about VMware Explore or attend the conference, here is the official VMware Explore website.

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