How Facebook came to be

How Facebook came to be

This is my theory on why facebook was created.

Well the creator of facebook was randomly taking the bus home one day and he saw this outstanding girl on the bus. He wanted to make a move on her but his nervousness got the better of him. For several weeks he pondered over the thought of ever seeing her again. He rode that bus for an entire day in an attempt to find her. Everything he tried ending negatively for him. He was just about to give up all hope. When the idea of creating a website a lot like Nexopia and MySpace but instead of usernames everyone will use their real name. He spent countless night of insomnia working on the coding of this great master plan of his. He finally finished the reaming coding for it, he then put this freshly made site that he decided to call facebook. He named it facebook because of the though of it being like an address book. He should be able to find that girl once again if everything goes as planed. The first few weeks of the site being online it got very little visitors. He saw that his plan was failing once again, rather than giving up hope this time he hired an advertiser to advertise the site. After a month of the site being online, all the advertisement was ready to go. He launched the adds. Within one day the amount of people using the site tripled, with each passing day it increased significantly. To this day he is still waiting and creeping everyones facebook page in search for that one girl.

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