Life Passes Him By

Life Passes Him By

He sits at home clueless of what to do. He tries to keep the few friends he makes, but eventually they all end up drifting apart from him and he is left alone to rot in the dust of all things past. He tries to do things to make life more interesting more entertaining. Most of his attempts end up only lasting a short while while the rest just fail. He has a dead end job of entering data at some large company; his coworkers don’t even know that he exists. If would just curl up and pass away no one at his work would even notice. He has no hope for the future. Everything he tries to do is in someway already completed before he even gets a chance to start. He wishes for a better life.

That night on his way back from work he stops at the local liquor store and purchases a 40 of vodka. He walks out of the liquor store and back to his car. He gets in drives to an empty parking lot and cracks the vodka open. The cracking of the plastic lid from its seal make a soft but audible cracking sound almost as if it was his life falling to pieces. He brings the bottle to his lips closes his eyes and beings to drink it.

The vodka pours down his throat and into his stomach leaving him with a some what soothing warmth inside of him. He polishes of most of the vodka; he now starts his car begins to attempt to drive home intoxicated. He doesn’t care if his life ended right now no one would notice, no one would care. He drives out of the parking lot. He can’t even keep his car in a strait line let alone see.

As he is making the final turn before the block that he lives on. A bus come out of the shadows and collides with the drivers side of the car. Just before the impact he turned his head and saw the bus smash into his car as if he was watching it in slow motion.

His eyes slowly flutter open. He is blinded by a bright white light. As his eyes adjust to the light he sees that some how he has survived and that he is in a hospital, if not a hospital some place that looks exactly like one.

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