Delete Microsoft 365 Tenant

Delete Microsoft 365 Tenant
Delete Microsoft 365 Tenant

There are various reasons why you may need to delete a Microsoft 365 tenant. The most common one I run into is after a corporate merger or acquisition. In this post, I will show step-by-step how to delete a Microsoft 365 tenant.


  • All invoices are paid
  • All domains are removed other than the domain name
  • All users are deleted and deleted from deleted users except for one Global Admin.
  • All App registration and Enterprise applications are deleted.
  • No Azure subscriptions.
  • All licenses are deleted and removed.

Completing all of those perquisites will take time and sometimes things are stuck but it is possible to complete all of them.

The Process

  • Login to Entra admin center
  • Click on Identity > Overview
  • Click on Manage tenants
  • Select the tenant and click Delete
  • It will check if the tenant can be deleted.
  • If all checks pass you can click on Delete.
  • After clicking Delete you will see a notification letting you know the tenant has been deleted.
  • Once you log out that is the end.

If you try to log in again you will get errors.

That’s all it takes to delete a Microsoft 365 tenant.

For more details on deleting a Microsoft 365 tenant, you can read the Microsoft documentation here.

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