iPhone OS 4

iPhone OS 4

I have downloaded and installed the new iPhone OS 4 on my iPhone 3GS. My initial thoughts on it are that it is very nice. Multitasking works great. Spell Check is an added bonus as well as folders. Below are some screen shots of some of the new features I have found in OS 4. Photos are below the break.

– theDXT

Below is an Example of folders when an app inside the folder has a badge notification
Folder Notification 1Folder Notification 2

Here is an example of spell check
Typo 1 Typo 2

Below is what the the new way albums look in the iPod app
iPod layout

Below is how albums look if there is more than one artist
iPod layout 2 iPod Layout 3

Below is an example of threaded emails.
email threademail thread 2

Now when deleting a gmail email it says archive instead of delete below is and example of that and when deleting a thread with gmail.
archive oneArchive thread

This is all I have found for now.

– theDXT

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