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My Bloody Valentine 3D

My Bloody Valentine (2009) Movie PosterI recently went to see the 3D horror movie My Bloody Valentine 3D. In short I will say I was not pleased with the story line, but I didn’t go see the movie for the story line. I went to see it for the 3D as it is one of the newer 3D movies that are in the horror movie genre. The 3D in this movie was outstanding I really like it. But some parts of the movie were cheesy. For example when one of the characters was holding a gun looking for something they made the gun pass through the screen I felt like they were only trying to show off the 3D. Parts like that the movie could have done without. But all in all it was a okay movie, hopefully this movie will help revolutionize the horror movie genre and then we can look forward to more 3D horror movies.

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