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Control Microsoft 365 Group Creation

Controlling who can and can’t create Microsoft 365 groups can be a very powerful tool. In this post, I will detail step-by-step how to prevent users from creating Microsoft 365 groups unless they are members of a specific security group. Prerequisites The Process The beginning of the script should look something like this.

Swap Microsoft 365 Licenses with Microsoft Graph

A few years ago I wrote a post about how to Swap Office 365 Licenses. Microsoft has deprecated the cmdlets that were used in that post specifically Set-MsolUserLicense and has replaced them with Microsoft Graph cmdlets specifically Set-MgUserLicense. In this post, I will show step-by-step how to swap Microsoft 365 licenses using Microsoft Graph and…

Microsoft 365 Setup Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

Microsoft has been warning about the deprecation of the MS Online and Azure AD PowerShell cmdlets for a while now; the end date is fast approaching, and some of the commands have stopped working. You can read the Microsoft post about the deprecation here. Microsoft Graph is becoming a day-to-day reality and a tool we’ll…