Aruba 2930F Switch Firmware Upgrade

Aruba 2930F Switch Firmware Upgrade
Aruba 2930F Switch Firmware Upgrade
  • Download the newest firmware
  • SSH into the switch
  • verify your setup by using show version, show flash, and show config files

Because config1 is my main config file I want to make a copy of it to config2

  • run the command copy config config1 config config2 to do that

Use something like SolarWinds TFTP and copy the config off of the switch

  • type the command to copy the config off the switch copy startup-config tftp IP_TFTP_SERVER Switch_config_WC.16 .10.0009.cfg

Because we want to flash the primary image we will take a backup by copying it to the secondary image

  • run the command copy flash flash secondary
  • confirm it worked by typing show flash

You want to make sure that the secondary image is setup to boot with config2

  • run the command startup-default secondary config config2

Now it’s time to flash the firmware

  • run the command copy tftp flash IP_TFTP_SERVER WC_16_10_0011.swi

after its done copying the switch will validate it

  • once you get the command line again type show flash to make sure all is good.
  • reboot the switch to the new image by typing in boot system flash primary
  • wait for the switch to reboot
  • SSH back into the switch
  • type show version to confirm everything

You are all done.

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