Pokémon Go? Not So Much!

Pokémon Go? Not So Much!

Welcome back to this week’s episode of the Mouthy &a Keerious Podcast. This week, Daniel and Jill are returning from a Legendary Bird Raid in Pokémon Go! It was incredibly frustrating as you will soon find out…

They discuss where they were when the game started, why they may or may not have stopped playing, and what Niantic and Pokémon Go have to do to win them over (or not! We’re all about ambiguity here! Kind of.)

Have you played Pokémon Go?! What team are you? What do you think of the game? Have you had any success with raids?

(As I’m writing this, my (Jill’s) Pokédex is at 226 Caught, 235 Seen! WOOOOOOOO!) (Daniel is adding to this to say what he’s at. Daniel is at 130 caught and 157 seen)

Thanks for listening! Next week we are talking all things Ponyo and ranting about poopy cats!

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