Welcome back to the Mouthy & Keerious Podcast! This week, if you didn’t catch it already, we tried to do a livestream! I mean, we succeeded, it was livestreamed to our YouTube Channel, but we’re still figuring out how we feel about it… YOU GUYS GOTTA LET US KNOW! Did you like it? Do you want us to do it again? Do you have a topic you want us to talk about?! Send us tweets or hit us up on Facebook! We love your feedback!

This episode, we’re joined by the biggest Potterhead we know and dear friend of ours, Kelela Doerksen (Beauty by Kelela & Post Traumatic Victory on YouTube), and joined in the chat by #YYCtube’s own Ralph Gonzales (Passionfruit on YouTube) to talk about all things HARRY POTTER.

We discuss favourite characters, what would your patronus be?, books versus movies, various Harry Potter experiences, and our own memories surrounding this megaseries, all in celebration of 20+ years of Harry Potter and to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday.

This also doubles as a behind the scenes look at how we record our episodes. You get to see just how much Daniel talks with his hands and just how distracted we get AKA how much we cut out of the final product!

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