Install VCSA Updates

Install VCSA Updates

Here is how to update VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance specifically version 7) with the web UI

  • Make sure you have a backup of your VCSA. I like to have a backup and a snapshot to be extra safe.
  • Click on you VCSA server
  • Click on the Update tab
  • In Update Planner select the update you want to install and click on Generate Report and select Interoperability. (this will check and make sure everything is compatible in your VCSA setup)
  • Double check and make sure everything is good
  • Go back to Update Planner and click on Generate Report and click on Pre-Update Checks
  • If no issues are found then you can click on the like to open Appliance Management
  • Login to VMware vCenter Server Management (this will likely be your VCSA root username and password)
  • Click on Update
  • Select the update and expand it and click on run Pre-update checks
  • If the Pre-update checks passed then click on Stage Only (Staging will pre load the update to VCSA to reduce downtime.)
  • After the update has been staged you can now click on Install
  • Agree to the stuff

It will run some pre update checks

  • Give it your VCSA Administrator password
  • Make sure you have a backup.

Now the install with do it’s thing

After the install is done you can now login to your updated VCSA

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