beaded geckos and the mind

beaded geckos and the mind

The mind is the most amazing part of the human body as far as I am concerned. It amazes me that you can recall something just based on the sound or smell of something. In early elementary school I used to make beaded geckos and other beaded animals. I completed school approximately 4 to 5 years ago now and I never made a beaded animal since elementary school. I was spending some time with a friend of mine and we wanted to do something fun and something we haven’t done before.

We headed to a nearby craft store and walked down the aisles. We ended up in the aisle of beads and other things. I said to my friend “I used to make beaded animals way back in elementary”. My friend replied back and mentioned that they too had also made beaded animals in elementary. We decided that because it had been so long since either of us made a beaded animal that it could count as something we haven’t done before. We purchased the beads and some string and left the store. Once we arrived back at my friends house. I said to my friend “I think I still remember how to build beaded geckos from when I used to make them”. We agreed to not look up how to make them and to follow my lead on how to make them. Just holding the string and some beads brought back so many memories.

We sat down on my friends couch and cut an estimated length of string we would need to make the geckos. We started building the geckos and as I completed each step ahead of my friend, the memories kept pouring into my mind, it was as if someone turned on the tap in my mind labeled beaded animal memories. With each step we completed it became clearer and clearer to me on what we needed to do to build the geckos. We finished up our geckos, built entirely from memories. I can say they turned out good. See the picture below.

We then decided to look up how they are supposed to be build and to both of our amazement I had made only one mistake. The mistake was the gecko’s eyes, I thought we needed more beads then we actually did. We didn’t bother to follow much of a color pattern as these where just built to see if we could do it based on the memories we had. I think they turned out pretty good.

It still shocks me that I was able to remember such a thing I had not thought about or done in years. The mind is truly amazing.

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Nice post.


That’s a nice post,My heart is with you.

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