The ‘Everything’ Podcast

The ‘Everything’ Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Mouthy & Keerious Podcast! This week we are playing a bit of catch up! #PodMom is back from ANOTHER vacation, #DadPod has been living the Cat Life for a while and has updates, and we briefly discuss Avatar: Legend of- I mean… THE LAST AIRBENDER! AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

#PodMom talks about her trip to the Canadian Shield in Manitoba! She stayed with her family at Pine Islands Lodge on the Winnipeg River and caught SEVEN SPECIES OF FISH!

#DadPod has noticed many nuances about his cat, 500, and elaborates on what life is like now!

The first topic – Did I throw you off? – is Avatar: The Last Airbender anime series! And how much better Legend of Korra is! Just kidding! Kinda.

Would you be interested in an unplugged fishing vacation? How did it go when your pet first moved in? Have you seen The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra??

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