The Babysitter of BULLSHIT!

The Babysitter of BULLSHIT!

Welcome back to another episode of the Mouthy and Keerious Podcast!

This week we are talking about the (according-to-Daniel) HORRIBLE New Netflix Original: The Babysitter. #PodMom tried her best to find a “horror” movie that #DadPod hadn’t seen but failed to realize that their definition of “horror” are VERY DIFFERENT. Unfortunately for Daniel, The Babysitter is a horror comedy – his least favourite subgenre so Jill is in for an education of a lifetime after this mistake.

Bad writing & story concept, poor overall acting, ridiculous effects, and being a little bit too self aware dooms The Babysitter to being very forgettable. #PodMom tries to pitch for great “Horror Comedy” movies like Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods, and explains her definiton of Horror vs Scary movies. #DadPod explains the difference according to him and we all come to the conclusion that Joss Whedon can really do no wrong (STAY TUNED!)

What’s your favourite Scary/Horror Movie? How do you define horror vs scary movies? Was Jill a bit too aggressive in her claim of “Everyone likes to suck Joss Whedon’s dick”?

Join us next week for our Season Finale (and explanation as to why we are doing the podcast as a seasonal release for now)

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