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Zombies, Run!

Zombies RUN!

The Game: Zombies, Run!
Genre: Immersive action-adventure

Developer: Six to Start
Platform: Android (also available on iOS and  Windows Phone)

Zombies, Run! is an audio adventure running game where you run, walk, or jog your way to victory in the real world. You can even do this to your own soundtrack by selecting music on your device. As you wander around your day to day tasks in the real world, you pick up items that range from bandages to boxes of light bulbs. Using these supplies you’ve picked up you get to strategically reinforce your home base. Part strategy, the game lets you choose how to upgrade your base, and manage who gets those useful supplies. Activating the zombie chase mode adds even more entertainment as you have to break out into a sprint (or increase your current walking speed by 20%) to escape the zombies chasing you. The looks you will get while at the mall, suddenly sprinting down the corridor, running away from pretend zombies is alone worth the entire game.

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This is my rant about the smartphones and iPhones.

Ok so they put a better processor in the iPhone 4S. Added some fancy voice recognition stuff. Added 64gb size. And made the camera 1080p and 8 mega pixels. Increased talk time on 3G. Decreased wifi data usage. Made it heavier but made it smaller.

There is nothing truly revolutionary with the iPhone 4S. Next will be the iPhone 5 after that they will release the iPhone 5S. And it will repeat. But at each number increment they will add some fancy feature many of which will may be deemed not needed. Example FaceTime that was a great feature but honestly how often do people use it? I’ve only used it like 5 time. Don’t get me wrong the phones will get faster processors to handle the new feature but it seems we have reached the limit for now. Anything else added maybe unnecessary.

The windows phone has some feature catching up to do but they will catch up. Android and iPhone I believe have reached the point of optimum features. Nothing else is really needed in a phone.

I believe phone technology has reached a point where smartphones have everything they need. Phones have been revolutionized but I believe that revolution is over.

It’s time for a new revolution in something else. Phones are good now. They do everything anyone has ever imagined and even more.