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SARS conspiracy

SARS were created by the chinese government as a form of population control. Basically they had created this epic plan to render the population living in China infertile as a way to stop the massive in creasing rise in population. The primary plan of one child per family was proving to be in adequate. The government turned to science to solve this problem, the leading science lab came up with this virus that would seek out the chinese only and render them inferential, in theory the plan was flawless. The government gave the go ahead and the scientists create the virus. They named it SARS because their English is so bad they were trying to call it sorry but it turned out being named SARS. At first it worked then the virus evolved and now it no longer made people infertile instead it killed them. Rather than targeting the chinese like it was supposed to do it evolved once again this time it killed anyone, now it could be mailed anywhere. Some chinese terrorist organizations got a hold of some of it and began mailing it around the world. This created chaos eventually the virus was now world wide. And that is how SARS came to be.

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